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Inline Closure Perfect And Reliable Sealing Operation

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    Inline Closure Perfect And Reliable Sealing Operation

    We offer the most comprehensive selection of Inline Closure products to our customers in a variety of industries.

    The main features of the universal fiber connector box:

    The box is made of imported high-strength construction plastic and resistant to aging, and the speed is faster, made of stainless steel;
    The overlapping structure in the splicing tray is easy to install;
    Suitable for ordinary fibers and ribbon fibers;
    Perfect leak proof and good function;
    Perfect and reliable sealing operation;
    Fiber bending radium guarantees more than 40 mm;
    Fully accessories for easy operation;
    The fiber connector box can be used repeatedly;
    High reliability
    For antenna and direct buried applications.

    The main features of Greentel fiber optic connector box:

    ● Waterproof design, IP-68 protection level.
    ● Integrated with the flip joint box and adapter bracket.
    ● Impact test: 1K10. Pulling force: 100N. Complete and sturdy design.
    ● Maximum 144F joint capacity, stainless steel rust bolts and nuts.
    ● Plug and play installation, easy to maintain and expand.
    ● The bending radius of the fiber is controlled to be more than 40mm.
    ● 180 degree channel with buckle lock structure.
    ● You can choose to install a 1 * 8 or 1 * 16 PLC splitter in each splice tray.
    ● Mechanical seal structure and mid-span cable entry.
    ● 16 pre-installed enhanced waterproof adapters for SC.
    ● 1 mid-span inlet cable (10-16.5mm) is uncut cable and 2 and mechanical performance gland distribution cable (8-16.5mm)

      April 11, 2019 9:19 PM MDT