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Golden Goose Sale spans

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    Six scarves, 200 prints each: This collaboration sounds like a collector's dream come true. Though the partnership was announced months ago, these six fresh prints are exactly what we expected, nay, dreamed of seeing. Quirky, irreverent patterns, graffiti over traditional Hermes prints, and unexpected shirt stripes<\/strong> turn up the volume on the usually muted silk Carr\u00e9 scarves.

    The collaboration is set to exclusively hit Dover Street Market on February 6, and Golden Goose Sale spans the very typical-Herm\u00e8s price points of $493 to $2,076. Pairing up the forward-thinking, genre-blurring work of Rei Kawakubo with the tradition and heritage of Herm\u00e8s is an inspired decision: The past and future can finally exist in harmony...around your neck. (HighSnobette)

      June 9, 2019 10:13 PM MDT