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Reasons For LED To Replace Traditional Candle Light

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    Common crystal lamp USES the tungsten filament bulb with E14 interface, or incandescent bulb with halogen bulb, collectively referred to as candle bulb; May be required in the crystalline light of a lamp that small 8-10 candle lights, large crystal lamp may need to install a more than 20 to 50 candle bulbs, common traditional candle bulbs for 25 w (200-250 lm) and 40 w (400-480 lm), the crystalline light of a lamp that small open light requires (low intensity) of 250 w to 400 w, high brightness, power consumption is very big, if is a large crystal lamp is power; And lighting the crystal lamp at the same time, because the traditional candle bulb temperature is very high, will indirectly cause indoor temperature rise, increase the cost of air conditioning electricity. Therefore, after many consumers install the crystal lamp, because too much electricity will not often open, but lost the value of the crystal.


    Using LED instead of traditional candle lamps can effectively solve the problem of power consumption of crystal lamps. With the same brightness, installation of LED candle bulbs can save about 80% of electricity consumption. But in the LED candle bulb design should pay attention to the following five features, in order to maintain the original value of the crystal lamp, LED candle lamp factory states:


    1.LED candle lamp has high color performance. The more complete the spectrum is in the visible light region, the better.


    2. Large luminous Angle, the closer it is to 360 degrees, the better it is to illuminate the crystal around the light source.


    3. Light distribution should be uniform. The light distribution curve is approximately round, and there is little difference between brightness and darkness in the luminous Angle.


    4. Exquisite appearance, does not affect the artistic sense of crystal lamp.


    5. No flashing, safe power supply and long service life


    In addition, in the aspect of improving the color performance of LED, it can reach the level close to the traditional tungsten filament lamp through a variety of color mixing technologies. At present, it is common to use blue chip and two or three kinds of fluorescent powder to make LED components, and the light decay or color deviation caused by LED lighting for a long time is also relatively slight. The color performance of LED produced by this process technology has reached 95-97. The color performance of LED light emitting elements for making LED candle bulbs should be at least greater than 80. If it is greater than 90, it is a higher level choice. Generally speaking, LED components with color performance of about 70-75 are not suitable for making LED candle lamps due to low R9 score in CRI and insufficient red spectrum.



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      June 10, 2019 11:35 PM MDT