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PP Bottles Have Broad Market Prospects

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    PP Bottle are slower to process than PET bottles and have poor physical properties, so they are not widely used. But the growing machinery, preform design, improved resins and specialty additives have overcome these problems. With the development of the transparent modifier-nucleating agent, 0.1%-0.4% sorbitol xylene (benzaldehyde) nucleating agent was added to ordinary PP by blowing, blowing, injecting and extruding. The method can produce high transparent PP packaging bottles. The product can be widely used as fresh juice, dairy beverages, beverage bottles and the like.

    Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging Co., Ltd . stated that the PP bottle has good temperature resistance, flexible bottle design, excellent performance in terms of safety, hygiene and content preservation, and the price is cheaper than PET, PS, PE and other materials. The continuous development of modified resin, anti-reflection agent and mechanical equipment technology makes PP container can replace glass, PET and PVC containers, and has broad market prospects.

    Therefore, it can be predicted that PP bottles will become a strong competitor for PET packaging bottles in beverage packaging applications. PP bottles produced by extrusion blow molding can be used to package mineral water and beverages, while PP bottles produced by stretch blow molding are used. Mainly used for the packaging of water, isostatic water and sports drinks. Manufacturers of FIP and related product manufacturers are overcoming the shortcomings of PP, and the application range of PP bottles in the beverage packaging market has gradually approached PET bottles.

      June 12, 2019 12:52 AM MDT