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Key Features Of Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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    Fiber Optic Splice Closure is made of special industrial grade high strength plastic with a reliable moisture barrier. They are also optimized to withstand material aging due to natural environmental factors such as UV light.

    There are two main types of closure, fiber optic and fiber optic terminals. The closure device is hardware for restoring the integrity of the fiber optic cable entering the enclosure. The termination is a hardened external connector that allows one or more fiber optic cables to be added to the enclosure. These two categories can be configured as paired closures and inline closures. Docking closure allows the cable to enter from one end, while in-line allows the cable to enter from both ends. Both docking closure and inline closure can be one of the following types:

    Key features of Fiber Optic Splice Closure:
    1. Imported high-strength construction plastics with anti-aging, faster, made of stainless steel.
    2. The overlapping structure in the splicing tray is easy to install.
    3. Suitable for ordinary fibers and ribbon fibers.
    4. Perfect leak proof and good function.
    5. Perfect and reliable sealing operation.
    6. Fiber bending radium guarantees more than 40 mm.
    7. Fully accessories for easy operation.
    8. Fiber optic connectors can be used repeatedly.
    9. High reliability.
    10. For antenna and direct buried applications.

    information about Fiber Optic Splice Closure :

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