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Flood Light Manufacturers Share Knowledge Of Floodlights

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    Floodlights are mainly used for lighting of ports, docks, tunnels, stadiums, architectural decoration, outdoor, billboards, etc. In addition, the floodlights can be used in studios with satisfactory lighting effects.

    Here are some of the features of Floodlight that the Flood Light manufacturer summarizes:

    1. Floodlights have good electrical properties. In general, floodlights have higher power and constant current is used for power supply. Due to the low harmonic current, the total output of the floodlight is relatively stable.

    2. Floodlights are durable. Compared to other common luminaires, floodlights have a service life of approximately 60,000 hours and a longer life expectancy.

    3. Floodlights are highly environmentally friendly. The interior of the floodlight uses a strong amalgam that will not contaminate or damage the environment even if it is accidentally damaged. These lights can also be recycled and reused. Floodlights have more environmental indicators.

    4. Floodlights are more energy efficient. With the development of LED technology, many manufacturers are now producing high-power LED floodlights, which makes floodlights more economical and more energy efficient.

    5. Floodlights work stably. The floodlights work efficiently, without glare glare, and do not irritate the eyes, so the lighting environment is more comfortable.

    information about Flood Light :

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